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Happy 22nd birthday, me!

2010-06-17 01:22:37 by Hattok

Well, I never make news posts, but I am breaking that to shamelessly wish myself a happy 22nd birthday!!

One year older, one year wiser?

Anyways, as far as updates go, all you need to know is that I have been dedicating much of my time to learning AS3. I've purchased several books at my local Barnes and Noble that teach different methods for game design, and I am excited to get cracking on my first game.

All I really want to say about the game is that if you liked Smash TV, chances are you'll like our game.

I gave up sprite animation a long time ago because I couldn't finish any project, I came up with a bunch of ideas but in the end, animating sprites felt way too damn unoriginal. So if you're one of like two people that wanted to see more FF6 deathmatches, chances are that will never happen. I mean, it's not like it hasn't been done to death a thousand times already. It seemed fresh back in 2003, but now in 2010? HELL no.

Until next time, take care folks.


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2010-06-17 12:14:08

I hope you don't mind, I do this whenever someone posts it in the Level Up Lounge. 174815


2010-06-17 12:38:17



2010-06-17 13:47:59

It's your birthday! :D
Have a good one man. And don't drink too much.
Hmm, i take that back, drink as much as you want. It's your birthday after all :p
Anyway, congratulations.


2011-02-27 07:46:29

What's good in the hood?

Hattok responds:

All's good in the hood, nyugga.


2011-04-23 10:42:48

Good to see that there are people older than me on Newgrounds, I am too late to congratulate you, but I will do so this year if I come across your userpage again, until then I wish you a good time!

Hattok responds:

Thank you, and I wish you the same.


2011-05-02 19:10:43

Blurb translated:
Why do chemists call helium and curium the medical elements? Because if you can't helium (heal them) or curium (cure them), you barium (bury them)!

Hattok responds:

See, that wasn't so hard!


2011-05-20 01:53:41

You live in Wisconsin too?!? Soooo gonna stalk you!!! XDXD lololjk...maybe hahhahahha

Hattok responds:

You're damn right, the state that the most popular thing to do is get wasted however and whenever the hell you can.

Well, time to carry that safety mace! Haha, jk. Or am I? :D


2011-07-01 12:09:43

Nooo! I missed your 23rd birthday :(
I wish you a happy belated 23rd birthday, DrHood :)

Hattok responds:

Haha, it's cool. I forgot to make my birthday post on here but I got busy doing other things. I have a few projects I'm about to begin working on, so I'll make a late one in the coming week with life updates.

Thank you for your birthday wishes!


2011-08-30 11:45:20

I like your stats too :)
But I think that you deserve them and that you should keep them,
you are a great user, DrHood :)

Hattok responds:

Thank you very much, Asandir!


2011-10-31 11:28:08

Happy BELATED AS FUCK 23nd birthday, whoever you may be. :3

Post some more on the BBS!

Hattok responds:

Why thank you, whoever you may be! I try to post a few times a day, it depends on whether or not there are many interesting topics!


2012-04-12 17:01:52

Grats on user of the day at NG log!

Hattok responds:



2015-05-05 13:27:24


Hattok responds: