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Loved it.

I loved your usage of the script in Star Fox 64 in a diner situation. It was really creative and made me laugh. I love that game to death so I figured I'd write a review. Great work!

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PuffballsUnited responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Improving, but still sub-par.

I read the reviews of this movie before watching it, and I must say, I am impressed what a show you can make on that pivot 3 program. That program is holding you back! If you can get yourself a copy of Flash, I think your skills as an animator can really shine.

The story was simple, but the quality of the picture was still lacking. I understand that this is because you use pivot 3 for animating, when you should move on to bigger and better things with Flash.

I have high hopes for your future projects. You've still got a good feel in your animations, and I think it can all be improved if you get yourself a copy of the latest Flash program.

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A good attempt, but severely lacking.

First of all, there was no pre-loader. With no preloader, you cut out a lot of quality. People with slow internet will have troubles watching if the movie moves faster than it loads, so they probably didn't even bother watching it.

Second, we've all seen cut-scenes like this before. Yes, it looks good, I'll give you that; however, it seems more bland than when it was first thought of. Some new ideas would be great.

Third, the sprite quality was horrible. They did not look pleasing to the eye--they were very blurry, and the background, though not moving, seemed to look alive in its low quality.

You DO have, however, a good sense of cinematography. The music choices and graphic tone set a good mood of "sorrow" at the end.

However, it doesn't make sense that Mario and Luigi were fighting, randomly, just for Mario to go too far and kill his brother and regret it. Though, like I said, that end part was done smoothly (mood wise).

I hope to see more of your work in the future, and I do hope to see you improve in the future. If you nurture your talent for creating intense or un-intense moods, you can prevail.

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666animator responds:

Thank you for the constructuve critism! I think I'll take some of that into consideration. I put in a preloader!

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A good tutorial.

This tutorial kept things very simple in the ways of explaining how to create a simple preloader. I believe that this tutorial will be very helpful to those who do not understand the ActionScripting for preloaders.


James-Flash-Prod responds:

thak you for youre comment.

A solid game.

This game has a great concept that reminds me of an old MegaMan flash where you play it through the eyes of the enemies.

Anyways, I liked the game a lot and you have tons of potential to add more in a sequel. Keep up the good work!

Mad props.

It's a combination of nostagia from two places. Link to the Past with Space Invaders. I must say, it works very well in the way that you executed it. Good work.

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It was a really nice jam but was a bit too short for me. Although, short jams like these can be perfect for flashes and I see it was used twice already. I agree--definite Gorillaz vibe, and I love it.

sumidiotdude responds:

I'll definitely take a Gorillaz vibe. Thanks for all the kinds words buddy!

I laughed my ass off. That was a lot better than I was initially expecting. The rhymes in the verses and the beat was so dope. I loved the Marc M reference because I feel like not enough people enjoy his kind of humor (You know I've got a sensitive kidney, and you have a kidney scraper!). Keep up the good work!

sumidiotdude responds:

Glad you liked it man! And props on the Marc M respect too, definitely a huge inspiration.

I agree with the other reviews.

Love the bass line, definitely brings off that detective/spy feeling. All of the parts mesh so well together that I don't really think there's anything bad I can say about it. Props!

Lublub194 responds:

Haha, thanks man :)

I appreciate the review!

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