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Happy 22nd birthday, me!

2010-06-17 01:22:37 by Hattok

Well, I never make news posts, but I am breaking that to shamelessly wish myself a happy 22nd birthday!!

One year older, one year wiser?

Anyways, as far as updates go, all you need to know is that I have been dedicating much of my time to learning AS3. I've purchased several books at my local Barnes and Noble that teach different methods for game design, and I am excited to get cracking on my first game.

All I really want to say about the game is that if you liked Smash TV, chances are you'll like our game.

I gave up sprite animation a long time ago because I couldn't finish any project, I came up with a bunch of ideas but in the end, animating sprites felt way too damn unoriginal. So if you're one of like two people that wanted to see more FF6 deathmatches, chances are that will never happen. I mean, it's not like it hasn't been done to death a thousand times already. It seemed fresh back in 2003, but now in 2010? HELL no.

Until next time, take care folks.


2009-11-24 01:10:46 by Hattok

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My Return to Flash!?

2009-03-12 00:20:19 by Hattok

I am plotting some new flashes, keep an eye out in the near future for them.